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You are the key player in the realization of your project. To create a tailor-made experience that fully meets your needs, we regularly discuss your desires, goals, and expectations. Close collaboration is essential to build a project that reflects you.

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Your project is unique and should benefit from the best technologies. Indeed, these are powerful tools at the service of imagination. However, just as a camera does not make a photographer, the language does not make the developer. Mastery of these is essential for the realization of your idea.

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Through art and technicality

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Photo of Florian Toribio

As a passionate developer and photographer, I combine my technical rigor with my artistic sensitivity. Friendly and enthusiastic, I approach each project with energy. My academic background in a master's program has allowed me to acquire in-depth expertise in the design and realization of innovative web and mobile solutions.

Currently at OD&B in Limoges(87) as a web and mobile developer, I collaborate on the realization of various projects, ranging from IoT (Connected Objects) to public applications. My passion for technology is reflected in my desire to always stay at the forefront of the latest advancements.

In parallel, my status as a self-employed entrepreneur allows me to use my talents as a photographer and developer to offer you a variety of services. My organized and methodical approach ensures the best results.

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